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Straight shank chamfering cutter Tapered shank chamfering knife Germany Baker Import chamfering knife Super durable Super-affordable


Straight shank chamfering cutter, taper shank chamfering tool German Baker import chamfering knife super durable! Super affordable! Awesome! The German chamfering knife is a professional chamfering tool designed for batch processing environments; the unique one-piece design and the new U- groove type are equipped with a large chip-breaking area, making it easier for the chips to be discharged without causing tooling. Blocking and delaying ergonomics; new grooved arc U -shaped and HSSE materials provide 75% performance enhancements, new microstructures with optimized titanium nitride coatings for higher productivity, high-end coating processes, complete Competent dry cutting. Excellent material can be in production, reducing the number of tool change. Especially for cutting, 304 stainless steel, abrasive 45 steel, and non-ferrous metals, it can process all kinds of soft or black metal    Soft and hard materials all have different cutting powers. Dongguan Lihao CNC Tool Co., Ltd. specializes in sales of German Baker chamfering knives. Three-blade chamfering knives are used to drill countersinks with conical countersinks. Others also call them countersinks. Other names include chamfering and chamfering. English name Countersink . Relatively easy to use high stable and smooth cutting, smoothing, and not leave burrs fibroids, i.e. Countersinks chamfering cutter blade with three point angles 60 °, 82 °, 90 ° , 100 ° and 120 ° Five kinds of German Baker Burr-free boring drill, can eliminate the secondary burrs generated when chamfering, eliminating the need for subsequent deburring process.   Among them, the 90° three-edge chamfering cutter is used much more . German Baker's products are characterized by high precision, high quality, and easy operation, have a high market share, and are also favored by users all over the world.   .

BECK-AUGUST is a world-class manufacturer of precision tooling tools. BECK has more than 90 years of production experience and advanced production equipment. Its excellent product design and manufacturing are superior to the world's hole processing tool production field. Its non-standard tools are widely used in automobiles and aerospace due to its high quality and ultra-precision features. And other fields.

BECK single-edge hinge   Adhering to all the advantages of the clip-on non-reground tool, when the cutter wear or failure, as long as the replacement knife, a little adjustment can be put into production. The fine adjustment mechanism can accurately and flexibly control the diameter of the cutting edge, reverse the taper, and satisfy the processing requirements. begging. Fully guided production of carbide, cermet or synthetic diamond This effectively controls the accuracy of the holes after being machined. The finishing of large aspect ratio holes is a breeze. Single-blade hinges are particularly suitable for mass-produced products and are therefore widely used in the automotive engine manufacturing industry. use. German company BECK has extensive experience in manufacturing single-edged reamers. BECK will be for each A customer offers world-class products.

BECK multi-blade hinge   With its high processing efficiency, it is widely used in the processing industry. Germany BECK company specializing in the production of various types Multi-blade reamer. BECK 's multi-edged reamer includes reamer for cylindrical hole, reamer for conical hole, hand reamer, machine reamer, adjustable reamer, sizing reamer, straight groove hinge, spiral groove reamer, and cylindrical shank reamer, conical reamer shank, sleeve formula Reamer; high-speed steel reamer, Carbide Reamer, welding reamer, surface coating reamer, etc.
The diameter and inverted cone of BECK single-edge reamer can be fine-tuned according to the cutting conditions, in order to facilitate The precise adjustment of the tool can be performed using BECK's specially designed and manufactured tool setting tool. Especially in the multi-step compound tool adjustment, BECK 's tool setting tool can measure the real-time status of multiple blades at the same time. The tool adjustment engineer can simultaneously Observe all or most of the blade's adjustments to quickly make positive Accurate judgment can effectively reduce the time for knife adjustment.

BECK non-standard tool system   Covering all kinds of automotive parts processing concepts and widely used in machining cylinders , main bearing holes , cylinder bores , cylinder heads , spark plug holes , valve sleeves before and after the valve guide hole , valve seat bottom hole camshaft hole , rocker arm hole , Connecting rods , brakes, etc. semi-precision , finishing .


PCD step reamers has high processing efficiency, can be hinged together with several concentric holes, the hinged hole has high concentricity, high precision and long service life, which saves the tool change time of the machine tool and is easy to guarantee the product. Quality; can be used for precision reaming of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and copper alloy;
Product Scope: Mobile 3C IT Industry Telecom 3G industry, automotive, aerospace and other aluminum products processing Hardware industry, cutting speed can reach more than 500M, the hinged hole can achieve mirror effect, greatly improve the quality of the product!

PCD Step Reamer is a multi-diameter tool allowing for excellent hole size and concentricity between diameters. Nowadays, more and more automotive gearboxes are made of die-cast aluminum alloys with complex shapes. There are many stepped shaped holes on the gearboxes, in order to meet high efficiency and high precision processing, it is especially suit for machining with PCD step reamers.

Choosing PCD step reamer is very often the best way to reduce the total cost, using highly advanced PCD reamer can reduce the number of tools needed and increasing productivity, thus lowering your production unit costs considerably. 



Unique guidepad geometry allows for excellent roundness and straightness, even in an interrupted cut condition.

Surface roughness is reduced obviously.


PCD Reamers type:

PCD Step Reamers 

PCD End Mill Reamers

PCD Combination Reamers 


Multi-diameter tool allowing for excellent hole size and concentricity between diameters.


Flexible in order quantity:

Samples can be provided before mass production, and MOQ can be discussed accordingly.



pcd step reamers

pcd step reamers

pcd step reamers

pcd step reamers

pcd step reamers

pcd step reamers


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PCD Reamers


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We are specialize in manufacturing PCD diamond tools and Carbide tools. Our major product inclulde PCD inserts, PCD Reamers, PCD End Mills, PCD Taps, Cabide Inserts,Carbide Drills, Carbide Reams, Taps etc., 

we also offered customized cutting tools per drawings, and provide package according to customer requirements. We manufacture a series range of cutting tools for machining of Cast iron, Aluminium alloy and Non-Ferros metal, it is widely used in all major sectors like Automobiles, Engineering, Aerospace, Aviation and 3C industry. Premium quality of raw material is used in the production and strict examination during processing with advanced equipment, so our client are satisfied with our reliable quality and on-time delivery. 

Our best selling of cutting tools include PCD Inserts, PCD End Mill, PCD Ball Nose Mill, PCD Reamer, Carbide Taps, Carbide End Mill, Special Form Cutter and many more. For these years we have been made a large forward in the technologies of manufacturing cutting tools. With high quality on performance and price, our product sells well both on domestic and overseas market. And we will always focus on the quality and best service, to make long business relationship.

PCD Reamers

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We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

PCD Reamers

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